Dipped Clothing is…?

The answer is simple. Dipped is fresh, fly, funky, dope, sick, raw, clean and nasty...simultaneously. Dipped is all of these - not only in the way you dress, but how you walk and how you talk. If this seems outrageous to you, don't worry, there is more than one way to be Dipped. Dipped is not just one type of shirt or sneaker, but the fusing of many different types of clothing and styles.

Our vision here at Dipped Clothing is directly influenced by where we come from - Berkeley, California, one of the most diverse areas in the United States. Here in the gut of the Bay Area, between Oakland, Richmond, and San Francisco, our mission is to spread unique styles developed and influenced by our community. We don’t care about your shoe brand or hoodie size, but rather your ability to push the envelope of what looks good and makes you Dipped. At Dipped Clothing our mission is to create a company that incorporates a wide range and variety of clothing styles and ideas.

Our product does not come with an overarching meaning. It’s up to you to find the meaning for yourself.

“Steak ain’t right without the A-1, so I stay dipped in sauce and they come.”

-Mac Dre